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Sassy Sassy Sassy that's this little Lassy

Sherry Scheline

Today is Ms. Frannie's birthday and so we thought it best to spend this whole blog talking about how AWESOME she is.  

She's really pretty rad!  What does that mean to you the bride to be? Well, Ms. Frannie is half of the brains behind one of Idaho's most popular invitation stores, Paperie + Pen.  Her and her BFF Nichole give new meaning to what it means to "work together." 

These two girls have some unmeasurable determination.  Between invitations, the great wedding gifts, and their photography business they are two of the most recognized women in the bridal industry in all of Idaho.    To learn more about these ladies business pursuits read their story on the Built in Boise Blog that can be found on  They are incredible business women who have raised the bar not just for event professionals, but for women in business in the state of Idaho. 

Today because it's Frannie's birthday we need to take a few minutes and sing her praises.  The best place to start is with Frannie's favorite things...

Yep, these three dudes have the Franster wrapped around their fingers.  She loves them with all her heart.  If you need to know anything about Frannie it is the importance of her family. They have mastered the priorities and Frannie has learned to successfully juggle motherhood and multiple businesses. 

Frannie is half the eye behind Ampersand Studios.  She is one of the beautiful faces behind the camera.  Recently, a bride said "all I can say about my photographers is they ROCKED." Im pretty sure that sums Frannie up.  Pretty much she rocks. 

Why hire Frannie?  PROFESSIONALISM.  LOL Frannie is young but her experience in the industry is ever present.  Due to the fact that she covers multiple aspects of an event she gets experience in multiple arenas. Frannie has truly fostered outstanding relationships in the event industry and she is "the girl" to know.  She stands out above the rest. Frannie in our profession is somewhat of a legend. She is the one clients, vendors, and brides just simple adore.   Past the laughs and the good times; Frannie Wilson is professional beyond words. Her professionalism outshines most professionals. 

Today we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANNIE!  Words will never be enough to tell you how much we appreciate you.  CHEERS for your special day!