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Destination Relaxation

Sherry Scheline


July 11, 2015

Relax, rejuvenate, and renew with pre-wedding yoga

Final tweaks to the seating chart are made, outfits carefully chosen, flowers delivered, and guests en route to the venue. Every wedding detail has been planned and triple-checked, so the only thing brides and grooms should do in the days before their wedding is enjoy. 

            However, finding a quiet moment to relax and unwind between rehearsal dinners, luncheons, and last-minute nerves presents a challenge. Boozy nights and rich food contribute to tiredness and physical malaise during a sometimes stressful and overwhelming time. 

            Yoga offers both mental and physical rejuvenation before the big day. Deep breathing reduces stress, while stretching and strength exercises improve posture and alignment, and increase circulation for a gorgeous glow that will illuminate wedding photos.  Practicing yoga will help couples look and feel better before and during their wedding ceremony.  

            Tantra Power Yoga in McCall offers wedding packages for brides, grooms, bridal parties, and family members ranging from $95.00 for an individual private session to $300.00 for a five-person private session. The 90-minute practice includes deep breathing and meditation, and a choice between gentle, restorative yoga and more vigorous yoga in a hot (102 degree) room. Yoga classes before the wedding and even on the day of the ceremony promote detoxification and physical vitality, also offering a chance to quietly meditate on one of life’s most important events.  

Article by Jodie Lea. 

Jodie Lea is the community health educator at St. Luke's McCall and a wellness coach at the Integrative Medicine Clinic. She also owns and is a participating instructor at Tantra Power Yoga. 

(208) 315-0159

Jodie is a local McCall resident and also the mother of a bride to be. She certainly is no stranger to the wedding and event industry as she has spent the last year assisting her daughter in planning her own wedding out at Roseberry later this summer.