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Sherry Scheline

Today June 26th, 2015 marriage in America changed.  This highly debated battle was brought to a shocking pinnacle as the Supreme Court of The United States made a decision.  Today social media was flooded with rainbows and hashtags of #WedWeCan and #LoveWins.  Behind each rainbow though there is a story.  

.A "Love story."  This is the story of two very brave women in Idaho.  Two women who have come through adversity and overcome challenges. This is their love story.

 Ever since I came out to my family it's been an obstacle course, battling being accepted (family thinking it was a phase). Proving to my family that it wasn't just a phase. Feeling like I was the biggest disappointment on this earth. I wanted to end everything I had lived for. I was 25 and contemplating going back to being married to someone that I didn't truly love (a man).

I decided to keep pushing and stay true to myself and my happiness. I dated women and was in a long committed relationship for about 2 years. We both decided to end things, little did I know that I was about to start dating my soul mate. Jessica and I had mutual friends and what started as a friendly dinner to get to know each other turned in to many more. While dating we came across so many more obstacles. We knew we wanted to show the world that we loved each other just like any other relationship. After all love is love right?

The way I dressed got questioned which made me extremely uncomfortable, and made me feel like I shouldn't dress the way I dressed. Someone made a comment to me that stuck inside me for months, "why do you dress the way you do? You're such a beautiful woman, why not dress that way?" I wanted to scream and say, "what makes you dress the way you dress?" If it wasn't for Jessica, my teammate, I don't think we would be where we are today. We work together as a team and we go through everything as a team. Just like all marriages. People always stop and stare at us because of course we are two girls in public holding hands or kissing. We now walk with pride knowing that what we have is forever true and real and most of all...recognized legally throughout the nation!

#JSquaredWedding and the date was 10-3-2014 at the time their love was not legal in Idaho.  Each woman with a different love story sharing the same love "Each Other."


And here is my take on how today feels to me... What an amazing day in our nation! Jay and I got married in Idaho when it wasn't legal. Just 24 hours later we were driving to California to make it legal in a state where it was recognized and have my last name changed. On that drive we heard word that Idaho might be legalizing gay marriage and we couldn't believe it. With the way things went back and forth in the state of Utah, we still wanted to make it official in California where it had been stable for awhile. THE VERY DAY we were married in California, Idaho ruled same sex marriage to be legal. Irony? Possibly. Regardless, all we did just to feel like we were a "real married couple" is hard for many to make happen and we were blessed to have had the opportunity. Now, any gay couple can drive to their nearest court house and feel like the "real married couple" we traveled for! Amazing...Congratulations America!

"The Best Day Ever"  is truly ever day together when you love someone. One couple who followed their hearts and celebrated love when it was condemned by some.  One couple who celebrated and then within days gay marriage was legal.  One couple who celebrated today with couples across America who celebrated for what is to them "The Best Day Ever." 

We at mcWED and IDoWED celebrate with you today!  We enjoy every love story and encourage you to continue to tell your story of love.  

Photography by Two Bird Studio 

Wedding Coordination Bliss Events 

Hair and MakeUp: Behrens Artistry