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107 Scheline Lane
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Ampersand Studios

Sherry Scheline

& Ampersand 

Nope, it's not their last name. An Ampersand is actually the "&" symbol representing the word "and." They chose this name when they started their business in 2009. Not only is it a rad word, but it fits perfectly for 2 young designers coming together who love working with couples. The Ampersand is just that- a 'coming together.' It's the thing that connects two other things [people] and it's a beautiful piece of typographic history.

Who are these style savvy fun gals behind the lens?   Two friends that came together and made dreams come true and made magic happen.  Both of these ladies have a degree in graphic design making their final product exceptional.  

What can I say about Ampersand Studios? Where can I start? Let's just say they are not just the cream of the crop when it comes to photographers, they are creative geniuses.  I have had the opportunity to work with the best commercial and wedding photographers in the Pacific Northwest, and I can honestly say Ampersand is incredible.  Nicole is very humble and modest. She is not afraid to share her knowledge and wisdom to the photography world. I see her as a teacher.  She however has a sense of style like none other. She is style savvy from the word GO.  Frannie, well anyone with a name as RAD as Frannie is a world changer.  She is fun, creative and smart.  Her SUPER BRAIN makes working with her a great joy.  She's quick witted and very fast at coming up with solutions.  MOST of ALL those these ladies are FUN!

If you want to have the BEST wedding that you would want to cherish and never forget, be sure to hire Ampersand Studios. They will capture the moments that that you can treasure for life.