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9 (Less Than Obvious) Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Coordinator

Ian Williams

1)Vendor Referral:  
Did you know we get married every weekend? Coordinators know our fellow vendors on a personal and professional level. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can be sure your Coordinator is an expert in which vendors to recommend based on your needs, style, and price point. We promise to only refer the good!

2) Travel Arrangements:

Local weddings are difficult enough, and when adding the element of travel for a destination wedding, it can make you want to elope! Let your Coordinator take over the less than fun tasks of logistics: transportation, hotel room blocks, and additional activities to make the most of a long weekend. Have a huge haul of wedding related items?  We will help you with those items so you can worry about transporting the dress!

3) Welcome Bags:  
We love an excuse to get creative and it is a Coordinator’s job to help all guests feel welcome. Set the tone from the beginning by allowing your Coordinator to gather, assemble, and deliver welcome gifts as guests arrive to their hotels.
We love to incorporate local treats and basic necessities like water, snacks,
or weekend itineraries.

4) Rehearsal Dinners:
Coordinators want your entire weekend experience to be as memorable and stress-free as possible. We are happy to help select a location, menu, and bar service for your rehearsal dinner. Need additional décor? Let your Coordinator arrange for centerpieces, decorative elements, and personal touches to take your wedding weekend to the next level and giving you more time with your guests.

5) Wedding Rehearsal:
Whether your officiant has married hundreds of couples, or was ordained by the “Church of Bacon” the night before (yes, it’s a real thing), we will help them run your wedding rehearsal. We can answer questions regarding etiquette, formalities, who walks with whom, etc. We will even provide a wedding party specific timeline so those important people know where to be and when.


6) Family Dynamics:
Wedding days are full of emotion, and let’s be honest, some family members just can’t play nice. By filling out our “family tree” form, we can be respectful of all dynamics and proactive in ensuring a peaceful and pleasant day. We can manage seating arrangements, provide buffers, and even monitor Uncle Ted’s beer intake.

7) Managing People:
Coordinators are excellent at transitioning guests from one place to another, communicating between vendors, and ensuring that those with responsibilities (giving toasts, readings, attendants, etc.) are present at the appropriate times.  We are always behind the scenes reinforcing your vision and timeline. We get the important details/preferences from you ahead of time so we can execute your day just as you imagined.  We have mastered assigning “jobs” to busy hands and casually diverting attention (“Please get Aunt Ida out of the room while I dress!”).


8) Flow of Events:
In hiring a Coordinator, you’ve got a person dedicated to ensuring all vendors are on time and on task. Organization is our hobby, and our timelines are something to brag about! Minute by minute, we know who’s arriving, what they’re bringing, and where it’s going. This means you and your family can focus on getting ready and hosting your loved ones.

9) End of the night:
With a Coordinator to pack gifts and cards into a vehicle, return items such as cake boards, and tuxes, and manage staff for take down and removal, the only heavy lifting you’ll be doing is a champagne flute! After your last dance or grand send-off, you and your family can worry about hugging your guests goodbye and leave the contracts and loose ends to us.

Love and Congratulations,   
Bliss Events

Bliss Events | Design and Coordination
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TK Production Films |Videography 
Behrens Artistry | Hair and Makeup
Stevi Raff Cake Design | Cake
Wedding Gown and Tux | Daci at LaNeige Bridal
Flowers | Flora
Special thanks to: Standish Farms for COALY and your assistance, Vista Pawn for the canoe, and to Boise State University for the beautiful setting.

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