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Wedding Show Planning Guide

Sherry Scheline

The excitement of the holidays is going to be winding down next week and the joy and euphoria of your engagement may now be a flutter of panic.  YOU NEED TO PLAN A WEDDING!  For DIY brides wedding shows have become SUPER important.  We have compiled this simple show tutorial to hopefully help you get the most out of the wedding show experience and how to pick the best show for you. 

Bridal shows are the most convenient way to learn about event services and gather knowledge on various event professionals. Shows can help you from cake tastings, to venue shopping, to knowing the latest dress styles.  If you just became engaged over the holidays then January is "bridal Christmas."  The excitement from the holidays may be calming down but the planning excitement has just begun. 

First there is so little time so many shows... 

Idaho Wedding Show Calendar

Idaho Calendar put together a calendar of the latest wedding shows and where they will be held.  We hope we can help you narrow down your show experience and save you time and money.

The Idaho Wedding Show has been around for awhile but has recently made some very positive changes. It is a show that is moving in the right direction to best fullfill the needs of the modern bride.  The Idaho Wedding Show is offering an experiential component this year that is sure to be a big hit amongst brides.  It offers a more personal atmosphere for you to get more one on one time with vendors.  This experiential component is why we recommend The Idaho Wedding Show as the bride's pick of the year for shows in 2016.  

If large shows is not your desire, you may want to check out Vintage Glam. Vintage Glam is a brand new show brought to you by I Love Boise Weddings.  It is more of a boutique wedding show.  Giving you the bride a more intimate experience.  

Once you have chosen your show we recommend these 5 pointers.

1. Be Prepared (from pre-registering to know a bit about the vendors. Go in prepared)

2. Bring a friend.  Not just any friend a cautious spending friend and a friend that can help you say yes and no.  Shows are often full of deals and incredible specials and it is much easier if your friend can help you cautiously look at decisions. 

3. Pack lightly.  Even if you try to not simply gather a bunch of business cards and chances are you will be leaving with 27 lbs. of brochures and cards which will most likely end up in the trash but it is easier to collect if you have packed lightly.  Also while you are at the show ONLY take possibilities.  If you rule a vendor out there at the show DO NOT TAKE THEIR MATERIALS.  You are going to gather so much information and the last thing you need is for some of your knowledge to be skewed with extra information.  Politely decline. Pack lightly in and try to pack lightly out.

4. Be realistic. Rome wasn't built in a day. Many brides make the mistake of setting out this one day to be the day for all their planning.  Book the Dj, book the venue, book the caterer, show specials, gotta make it happen.  SLOW DOWN.  Not everything needs to be done at the show. Enjoy yourself a little. 

5. You are the BRIDE. I am sure there are times when it still shocks you.  That ring that dances in the light, "it's yours!"  If your mom, sisters, future mother in-law and cousins have decided to tag along you may need to remind yourself through out the day who the bride is.