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We are an Idaho Wedding and Event Magazine.  We specialize in destination weddings in areas like McCall and Sun Valley.  We can help you find  resources for your Boise Wedding, McCall Area Wedding, Sun Valley Wedding or perhaps a North Idaho Wedding. 



Magazine Cover

Sherry Scheline

The desire to be on the cover of a magazine is very real for every young bride.  One of our most popular features when we first started our magazine "mcWED" was our real weddings section.  Couples love to relive their big day.  

Currently we are busy getting ready for our next few covers.  We would love to have you submit your images for the chance to be on the next IDoWED cover.   

We are also taking submissions currently for our Real Weddings section in ALL regions of Idaho.  Submissions can be made to  Submissions  must come with a dropbox link to images, list of all event professionals (*NOTE we only list our advertised vendors in the vendor section)  and a brief story of the wedding. Submission deadline is November 15th, 2015 for the winter 2016 editions. 

What if you don't make the cut but desperately want to be on a magazine cover to show your friends. "There is an app for that."  No, really there is.  :)  

 PhotoLabs is an app. available on iTunes and it allows you to play around with your picture on the cover of a magazine. 

A few key components however are the app does not take that perfect picture nor does it apply the perfect makeup.  (There may be an app. that does all this as well.)  This app. though in order to look cover worthy just like for the cover of IDoWED you need a number of key ingredients.  The first being a skilled photographer.  Photographers can be found all over the internet these days including sites like craigslist and Facebook classifieds.  They can offer you discounted services and make you feel that their inexpensive services are a better fit for you. DON'T BE FOOLED!  You are probably getting what you pay for.  IDoWED takes a great deal of pride in featuring the best photographers in Idaho.  Look for #IDoWEDPhotographer across social media to find their images on instagram, twitter, Facebook, and more.   You can also find our photographers here at:     

This app. although simple to use and can put your image on multiple magazines can still not make you a true cover model.  Cover models do not skip details on their hair and makeup.  At IDoWED we often feel like we hammer home the importance of being "Camera Ready" so much that we may appear to be lecturing you.  Professional hair and makeup is so important.  We encourage you when you sit down to do your budget first thing you write down is MakeUp.  It needs to be the first item on your list.  You have hundreds of shots taken capturing your day, but if you do not have makeup meeting a camera ready standard you will not be 100% satisfied with your images.   

You can use the app. and fake a cover, but you will never look like a masterpiece without the artist.  Hire a professional team for hair and makeup.  It is worth every penny and a much needed component. #IDoWEDMakeup

You can fake it with an app. but to truly have a cover worthy image you must hire a team.  Choose a "Dream Team", choose IDoWED Partners.  #IDoWEDPartners.