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Choosing A Coordinator (A Guide From a Bride)

Sherry Scheline

Finding the right coordinator is difficult.  This is a simple guide to help you find the right coordinator for you before you even make that initial call.  

5 simple questions to check before even meeting with potential coordinators.

1. Can you get a portfolio and/or video of weddings they have done? 

Check their social media.  Here are 3 great social media checkers to help you in your search.

a. ORIGINAL WORK  (If they are posting other blogs, and other vendors as "inspiration", etc... RUN!  Find a coordinator with original work on their social media.) 

b. Watch to see if they are published.  If a coordinator is solid they will have multiple event published. They will often share those publication links on their social media.

c. Check if their brides are tagging them, engaging with them, and reviewing them.  

2. Can I afford their price point? 

Yes, you occasionally can judge this without meeting with that coordinator.  Often brides have champagne taste on beer budgets.  When reviewing your budget and coming up with a $15,000 figure you may need to drastically reconsider things. If you are a bit budget shy then you can safely cut out some of those initial calls.  How?  Simply browse their site and review the caliber of events they do.  

3. How much coordination do you want?  

If you are simply looking for day of coordination their are event coordination companies that can safely be eliminated.  Others specialize in detail planning and making each event exclusively yours.  If you are looking for day of coordination check the coordinators site and see if they offer "Day of Services. " If it is not specifically listed most likely they are full-service and do not simply do day of only as a service option.  In turn there are coordinators who simply offer day of services and nothing else.  This can be easily researched prior to the initial phone dialogue. 

4. Do other vendors LOVE them? 

It is important that you love your coordinator, but it is also important that ALL your other vendors love them as well.  When in doubt ask.  IDoWED refers a select group of coordinators and can answer questions on who works with who, who knows venues best, etc... ASK around.  If you have booked the venue ask the venue coordinator.  Ask before your initial call so you also have a way to initiate dialogue in a friendly way. 

5. Check their STYLE VARIETY.

Some event coordinators are great, but only have one style.  Some excel in vintage chic, and perhaps you are a modern rock-n-roll bride.  Check to make sure the coordinators you are going to engage with have a variety 

Once you have done these 5 easy steps you are NOW ready to start making calls. Here you go:


Major Events

Ira & Lucy


Photo Credit:

Photography: Ampersand

Coordination: Bliss

Venue: Owyhee

Paper Products: Paperie and Pen

Catering: Kindness

Gown: Wedding Gown by Daci at La Neige