6 Ideas for Wedding on a Budget

on a Budget

Wedding ceremonies today are getting smarter by avoiding any unnecessary events and expenses and enjoying only the special moments which will really count. There are several ways of getting the best of a wedding ceremony without having to spend carelessly. Here are some of the wedding ideas on a budget that you and your partner might want to try out.

DIY decorations

You can sit together with your family and friends before the wedding and craft out wedding decorations on your own. There are plenty of DIY decoration ideas that you can try out, including papercrafts. This will prevent you from spending on a wedding decorator and have a decoration filled with love from your family and friends.

Short guest list


on a Budget

Do not feel obligated to invite everyone you know as the list can never end. Try to keep your big day to yourself and your family members. Include your best friends and just try to keep the list as short as you can. Noone will actually mind if you did not invite them to your wedding unless they are really close to you, like your parents.

Cook at home

Another section that you can use the help of your family and friends is cooking food for everyone. If someone in your family is really good at cooking, let him or she handle the cooking department with the help of a few assistants. Your family and friends will enjoy being busy in making your special day count, and later you all can enjoy some home-cooked food.

Use alternative invitations

You do not have to spend on making the best invitation cards for your friends. You can create your own wedding invitations using some good artistic skills and a printer. You can even send an email to your closed ones inviting them on your big day and make full use of the technology.

alternative invitations

Pick the right flowers

You do not have to a lot on the flowers as no matter how beautiful they will look, and they can be used only once, which seems like a waste of a lot of money. Try to cut down on your choices for flowers and pick a good looking combination which can be used on multiple occasions through the day. You can also make papercut flowers for easy and smart decorations.

Choose the right dress

People spend a lot on their wedding dresses and suits when they know they will not be wearing that dress every again. There are good quality wedding dresses(must watch) available at low prices which will also look as good as the expensive ones. The wedding dress just needs to look neat and tidy, not expensive. Even the groom can look for an alternative for tuxedos and try out something more modern and out of the box.


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