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Top Destination Wedding Venues In The World

Finding that picture-perfect venue is one of the most challenging things for a couple to find. Finding the right venue when you are looking to get married ina new place is all the more difficult. In this article, we will be showing you some of the most beautiful destinations for the best destination wedding.

Montelucia Resort and Spa, Scottsdale

If you are looking to get married in a gorgeous scenic desert, Montelucia resort and spa is the best way to bring out the beautify of the place at your wedding. This is a resort which has space with 18-foot cathedral ceiling which has double doors opening towards the lawn. This lawn has some of the most stunning visuals which will just add to the whole wedding.

Montelucia Resort and Spa, Scottsdale

Vail Mountains, Colorado

This is one place where you will have no difficulty finding the right seats. This is one mountain which has the right view where you as bride and groom will stand apart from the rest. There is an outdoor amphitheatre which is built on the mountain where one can exchange vows and look at the dramatic scenery below.

Castello Di Vicarello, Cinigiano, Italy

This is a secluded area which is tucked in between two hills; it is a 900-year-old country castle which has brim Tuscan Charm. It is one of the perfect destinations for people seeking for a romantic wedding between the rustic river. You can exchange the vows in the garden and can later enjoy the poolside cocktail and dinner on the lawn.

Castello Di Vicarello, Cinigiano, Italy

Molenvliet Wine and Guest Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you wanted to get married amidst Vineyards, this is one of the best places for you. This is a place which is a 45-minute drive from Cape Town. This is located in between majestic mountains on the horizon. It has a Mediterranean style structure which can give you that magical feel to get anywhere you see.

Ladera, Soufriere, St Lucia

Unable to decide where to get arride, Ladera is your answer which has a 1,100-foot vista on the Piton mountains and the Caribbean Sea. It also has a lust rain forest which can be seen through the open-air paradise pavilion. It is one of the best places to ensure that the ceremony is taken care of right and can help you get the peace from all of the wanderings.

Ladera, Soufriere, St Lucia

Viceroy Anguilla, Meads Bay, Anguilla

This is a property which is set between two white-sand beaches, a perfect location for a destination wedding. It has breathtaking views and also has a secluded beach which is dramatic and yet simple for the best ceremony overlooking the water and the sunset while being sophisticated.

Top wedding colour trends we expect to see in 2020

One of the best ways to keep your wedding simple yet elegant is by adding colour to it. Not just any colour but the perfect one which will make the whole venue look the best. Finding the right colour can be difficult but can also bring out some of the best features. Here are some of the most on-trend colours you can expect to see in the year 2020.

Mint, Forest Green

This is one colour which is trending, also called the neo-mint is one which has dominated the fashion industry. This is a gender-neutral but has a soft, romantic feel to it. Finding the right shade of green is very difficult as one wrong move can ruin the whole set. Finding the right shade which is versatile and also mixes in naturally.

Mint, Forest Green

Caramel, Lilac

Earthy times are back in fashion as it gives out very vibrant and energetic vibes. Try to make sure that these colours are muted as it can overpower the whole decorations. Added to this is a shade of purple more specifically lilac, which can bring you back to the Victorian times as it represents luxury and opulence. It is also the shades which speak peace and get you feeling romantic and welcoming.

Champagne, Mustard

Champagne, Mustard

This is a year where the colour yellow is one the rise but in the most subtlest ways. There are a lot of main showstoppers which can work well all year round. This is one colour trend which can brighten the whole wedding. Also, it complements the natural tones which exhibit poetic charm and long-lasting elegance.

Powder Blue and Aqua

This is a colour palette which is driving the fashion industry. Despite the colour being very difficult to hold, the right shade can make all the difference Find the right colour palette from the sea, and you will be sure that it world with the theme of your wedding. If you want to go a bit extra, a little dollop of glitter can brighten the whole experience.

Teal, Orange and Gold

If you are looking for variations in blue, teal is the colour you are looking for. A colour which can be bright yet subtle with neutral tones. Blue, in any combination, is just elegant and bring in the regenerative qualities into the wedding. A sophisticated colour which can get you into the wedding mode.

Red, Coral

This is a trend which somewhat ventures into the darker pallete but with elegance. If you are closer to having a winter wedding, make sure that you have punchy red shades which can spice up the gloomy weather. It suggests mystery, sophistication and also adds an edge to the design. This is also one addition which will keep the scheme working traditionally as well.

Weirdest Marriage Traditions from around the world

Wedding traditions around the world are different from each other, which can allow one to bring the right kind of happiness. These traditions might seem nothing to you but can be weird for people of different communities. Here are some weirdest ones which are practised by different communities all around the world.

Banging on the first wedding night, France

For most communities, it is not considered friendly of others to bang on your first wedding night. Family and friends gather and encourage everyone to do the same. The whole night the bride and groom are expected to serve them to help them learn to do everything together. This is an age-old french tradition called as Charivari.


The fatter, the better, Mauritania

In Mauritania, there are actual fat camps which allow a woman to get thicker before the wedding. This is a tradition which brings luck and prosperity to the family. This is one tradition which can also be harmful to the woman where women fall sick and also develop some health-related issues.

Beating the groom with dead fish, South Korea

A very popular tradition in South Korea is that the friends of the groom gather around him and start to beat the groom with dead fish and bamboo. This is one way to help prepare the groom for the wedding night.

South Korea

The Blackening ritual, Scotland

This is one tradition which involves covering the couple in everything disgusting. Friends and family gather around and put everything disgusting on them, which is to signify that they are going to be together through thick and thin and prepare them for anything that may come their way.

Practising crying for a month, China

This might seem weird but is an actual practice where all the ladies gather around the bride and practice crying. This is to welcome the marriage in good aspect and also bring joy into the family.

Killing a baby chick to set the wedding date, China


The Daur tribe is known for following this tradition where the newlyweds are required to execute a baby chick and inspect the liver. If they see that the liver is fine, they can set a wedding date or else they will have to keep on killing until they find the goof liver.

Gifting a whale’s tooth to the father in law, Fiji

This is a very unusual tradition, but if a man is going to ask a girl’s hand in marriage, one of the things he needs to carry with him is a tooth of a whale. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the father does not say no to a man and will prepare the man for any challenging situations in life.


Best Places To Do An Elopement Wedding In Ireland

Elopement weddings are one of the most popular alternatives for a traditional wedding. It is said that from the year 2014, one has seen a 60% rise in elopement weddings, especially in Ireland. Here are some of the most sought after locations for elopement weddings are mentioned below for the most extravagant wedding day.

Cliffs of Moher and O’Brien’s Tower

One of the most popular places for elopement weddings which has some of the most scenic and the most unusual wedding venues in Ireland. The scenery is breathtaking and is a place where pictures can speak for themselves. These cliffs are on the west coast of Ireland in Clare County, suitable wedding locations for the eloped. It is also one of the most popular places where you can find a lot of beauty and also engage in an intimate wedding in a magical manner.

O’Brien’s Tower

Moher Tower At Hag’s Head

This is a place in the southerly point of the cliff of Moher at the end of a mohel walking trail. The distance between the two is one of the most popular elopement wedding venues. To access this, you might have to give a small fee but can provide you with access to some of the best wedding photographs. It offers closer access to some of the most spectacular cliff edges with a lower footfall to give your wedding the best place for an eloped wedding.

Muckross Abbey in Killarney National Park

Muckross Abbey is one of the oldest abbey ruins which is situated in the Killarney National Park. It has an inner courtyard which is surrounded by cloisters and is a perfect elopement spot where you can get married around great historical places. The park itself is spread across 25,425 acres of land and has a variety of awe-inspired features which include things like Ross castle which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has a second castle with waterfalls, lakes and mountains surrounding the park. This is although not recommended for people who are looking for a private wedding.

Blasket Island Heritage Centre and Slea Head, Dingle

Blasket Island Heritage Centre

Blasket Island Heritage is a museum which was built in the memory of the community that use live on the island until they were forced to leave in1953. There is a centre which is licensed to hold onto the civil marriage ceremonies from an indoor space. The Blasket Island centre is only 10 minutes ride from the Slea Head which is Ireland’s most south-westerly point. It offers some of the most spectacular views of the ocean and rugged coastline. Although you might have to pay a small fee, the location is worth every penny. This is one of the best places if you are looking for a private ceremony.

6 Ideas for Wedding on a Budget

Wedding ceremonies today are getting smarter by avoiding any unnecessary events and expenses and enjoying only the special moments which will really count. There are several ways of getting the best of a wedding ceremony without having to spend carelessly. Here are some of the wedding ideas on a budget that you and your partner might want to try out.

DIY decorations

You can sit together with your family and friends before the wedding and craft out wedding decorations on your own. There are plenty of DIY decoration ideas that you can try out, including papercrafts. This will prevent you from spending on a wedding decorator and have a decoration filled with love from your family and friends.

Short guest list


on a Budget

Do not feel obligated to invite everyone you know as the list can never end. Try to keep your big day to yourself and your family members. Include your best friends and just try to keep the list as short as you can. Noone will actually mind if you did not invite them to your wedding unless they are really close to you, like your parents.

Cook at home

Another section that you can use the help of your family and friends is cooking food for everyone. If someone in your family is really good at cooking, let him or she handle the cooking department with the help of a few assistants. Your family and friends will enjoy being busy in making your special day count, and later you all can enjoy some home-cooked food.

Use alternative invitations

You do not have to spend on making the best invitation cards for your friends. You can create your own wedding invitations using some good artistic skills and a printer. You can even send an email to your closed ones inviting them on your big day and make full use of the technology.

alternative invitations

Pick the right flowers

You do not have to a lot on the flowers as no matter how beautiful they will look, and they can be used only once, which seems like a waste of a lot of money. Try to cut down on your choices for flowers and pick a good looking combination which can be used on multiple occasions through the day. You can also make papercut flowers for easy and smart decorations.

Choose the right dress

People spend a lot on their wedding dresses and suits when they know they will not be wearing that dress every again. There are good quality wedding dresses(must watch) available at low prices which will also look as good as the expensive ones. The wedding dress just needs to look neat and tidy, not expensive. Even the groom can look for an alternative for tuxedos and try out something more modern and out of the box.


6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring season is the best time for couples to get married as it sets a bright and warm climate to host the big day and offer a wide variety of blooming flowers. If you and your partner is planning to host your wedding in the coming spring, these tips will help you make the moment worth remembering.

Select a venue

Picking the venue should be on the top of your list while planning your wedding. Since it is the spring season, you can choose an outdoor spot if the weather permits. You can use marquees to make arrangements for your guests so that they do not feel too exposed to the sun and also keep themselves warm. If you pick an outdoor place, make sure that you can connect with nature well and keep the traffic and noise away from the venue.

a venue

Wedding stationery

There are plenty of options available for wedding stationaries, including the floral decorations and papercrafts. You can also distribute welcoming cards to all your guests who will have the list of the events throughout the day so that everyone can attend the ceremonies and photography sessions at the right time.

Hire professional photographers

To make sure that all the best moments of your special day gets captured, you will need a professional photographer who has the experience of wedding shoots. The photographer should have a great eye to capture the best candids that you can look back in future to cherish your big day whenever you want. You can discuss the wedding and pre-wedding shoots with your photographer to decide on a fair budget for everyone so that the photographer also has a good time clicking pictures for you.

professional photographers

Pick the right flowers

Even though you have a wide variety of flowers combinations, it is important to know which floral style will suit you the best. Hire a florist who can confidently learn about your ideas and provide the best combinations to complement your wedding. Bright flowers will always look best in the pictures and also build positiveness in the environment.

Decide table decorations

Your dining hall needs to look great on your wedding day as all your guests will be spending most of their time enjoying snacks and drinks at the tables. Make sure there are enough tables for all your guests to be seated down at the same time. The tables should be decorated with the right floral combinations and crockeries so that your guests like being near the tables and come great in the pictures enjoying their time.

table decorations

Pick a Transport

Do not compromise on picking up a good car on your wedding day as you want to travel in style when you are done with the ceremony. There are different ideas to pick your mode of transportation, but most prefer vintage or luxurious cars to say goodbye to their friends. Pick a car which will look good in your venue and in the pictures as well.

Tips to Make the Perfect Beach Wedding

Destination weddings seem to be topping the list of couples since that’s how they want to get married. Out of the popular choices that cross their mind, beach weddings tend to be a favourite. Although the idea of getting married at the beach sounds cool, the process might not be so cool. One needs to put in a lot of effort and get the matter sorted to make this wedding perfect. So to help you all out with the process, here are some useful tips.

1. Daytime

A wedding should always happen before sunset because that takes things in order. You can have the whole day for yourselves, and the party can go beyond and wild. When it starts during the day, you will have enough light, and a whole different feel will be brought to the table. With love all around, one can be sure to grab hands and be moulded into the power of love.

2. Photos Before Sunset

A good memory tends to come in the form of a classy photo that involves the bride and the groom. For that purpose, one should get such a picture before the sun sets down to make it all look natural. By doing so, you can make the most out of the moment with the perfect album.

Photos Before Sunset

3. Plan B

Soon after looking into factors like the weather, it is advisable to have another option. Plan B will help in so many ways since every single aspect tends to be unpredictable. Although plan B need not be as big and grand as plan A, it still needs to capture people’s mood and imagination. Hence, a solid plan needs to be put into place.

4. The Dress Code

Leaving the groom and bride aside, we are talking about the general dress code. A beach wedding might not go along if people refuse to follow a dress code. For that purpose, it is essential to form a dress code and make people sync. Be it beachwear or wedding attire; a unique theme needs to command everything. Hence, start planning way ahead of schedule.

The Dress Code

5. The local Cuisine

Beach weddings need to invoke culture and various other aspects of the place. The best way to do so is by forming a cuisine that brings in the local flavours. By doing so, your guests will be delighted since it will be a new experience for some.

6. A Private Beach

There are numerous advantages associated with the fact of getting a private beach over a public one. Distractions and various other obstacles can be avoided by taking a private beach. Hence, to be on the safer side, opt for a private beach.


Easy Tips for Setting a Suitable Wedding Budget

It is important to know how much you can spend on a wedding to plan the events in the right way. Couples who are smarter are able to make their big day more memorable under a good budget than those who spend endless money without a clue of what they are spending on. No matter how good your financial situation is, it is important to plan well for your wedding and make sure all the arrangements are made under your orders. To do this, you need to first plan your budget so that you can learn about your options in order to make the right decisions. Here are the simple tips you should know while planning your budget.

Know who is contributing

Make sure that you clear out who all are contributing to your wedding, including your partner and your parents. It is okay to consult about money with your parents if you are running short on budget. They will be happy to contribute on your big day to the fullest, and do not feel bad if they don’t. Remember this is only to know how much contribution you are getting for your wedding, excluding your own budget.

about money

Make a guest list

Once you have your budget ready to plan all the events on your wedding day, the next step is to make a guest list. Know who all the important to you as the guests will decide a major part of your wedding costs. These things will include the space you will require the catering quantity, bar capacity, and tables. The fewer people you invite the more you will save, so make your guest list properly and avoid the unnecessary crowd.

Open a separate wedding account

You can keep a separate account to manage all your wedding expenses to keep better track of your money. Use this account to solely pay for the wedding, which will keep your everyday finance from getting affected. You can make good use of all the money that you have in your wedding account without having to compromise from your regular account without knowing.


Determine your fields of expenditures

You must know where you want to spend the most and where you will be spending the least. Prioritize different sections based on your needs and wants. Create a list of services that you do not mind spending more on and also the services which you do not think needs many expenditures. You can have a pricey photographer to capture the best moments in your life, but save money on the bar by serving beer and wine instead of an open bar. Decide your priorities with your partner and make a plan which satisfied both of you on the wedding day.

Wedding Gifts That Every Couple Like

Gifts are a unique part about weddings and couples look forward to the same. But at times, people crowd them with gifts that might not make much sense. By all means, this needs to stop because you need to give them gifts that will be remembered. For this purpose, the gift needs to be planned and brought in the right manner. So if you are clueless about this factor, then we can offer assistance. Hence, to be specific, here are wedding gifts that every couple likes.

1. Photo Frame

A photo frame might be outdated, but it still manages to seek in the right form of emotion. Providing a picture of the lovely couple on their wedding day can be considered to be a sweet gift that tends to be remembered. But before you jump into the process, you need to select the right photo. With a handful of options, you need to begin the process and choose the right one.

Photo Frame

2. Matching Luggage Tags

Weddings are usually followed by a honeymoon, and you need to think about the same. A gift to mark that journey is another viable option that will be credited. Matching luggage tags is the ideal start towards this process, and it will move ahead to be a thoughtful gift. After a point, it will be preserved based on the kind of message that you print on the tags.

3. Plush Robes

A set of plush robes is another gift that speaks for itself. They are incredibly comfortable and do the job with ease. So getting the newlywed couple a matching set of plush robes sounds like the perfect idea. Hence, it would help if you started looking around for the same.

4. Personalized Doormats

Weddings tend to signal the beginning of a new start, and the newlyweds will be entering into a new house. So as a sign of welcoming them, you can give them a doormat. By adding their names to the mat, you can make the experience a bit more personalized and enrich it to a whole new extent. So visit the right shop that will help you form this gift.

Personalized Doormats

5. A Wine Rack

Celebrations are around the corner, and such occasions call up for a bottle of wine. Keeping that in mind, you can give the couple a wine rack that can hold many bottles. Adding a bottle to the stand is another thoughtful way of presenting the same to the couple.

6. Passport Holders

Making the honeymoon easy and smooth can be an ideal theme for your gift. Apart from luggage tags, you can also give them matching passport holders to commemorate the occasion. Hence, keep these points in mind and get the right kind of gift.


World’s Most Expensive Weddings

Weddings are an expensive affair, and there is little that one could do to cut down on the expenses. Although it is possible to make matters affordable, certain people prefer not to. But today we are going to be looking at another side of things. The side that tends to hold massive arrangements events, thus pushing their wedding to be an expensive affair. If one has to go by numbers, then it is quite evident that these weddings can easily be classified as the most expensive ones on the planet. So, if you are excited to know them, then here are the world’s most expensive weddings.

1. Prince Charles and Diana ($110 Million)

The day Prince Charles and Princess Diana got united was a moment in history with thousands of people coming forward to witness the same. With the kind of arrangements set around, the wedding came up to $110 million. Princess Diana’s gown was covered with about 10,000 pearls and thus cost approximately $150,000. Apart from all that, numerous demands in terms of security and various other reasons led to a $110 million bill.

2. Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal ($66 Million)

Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal


Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal had an extraordinary wedding that was held at the 17th century Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, near Paris. Various international recording artists and individuals were present for the wedding, and they entertained the guests with their performance. Towards the end, everything came up to a total budget of around $66 million. Since Vanisha Mittal is the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, one need not be surprised about the expenditure.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton ($34 Million)

A royal wedding will have all the right kind of ingredients, forcing the expense to hit the roof. Aspects tend to fall in line for Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton as their wedding came to around $34 million. By all means, fans and well-wishers, classified it to be the wedding of the decade (must watch). Soon after tying the knot, the couple also paraded through the streets of London.

4. Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy ($31 Million)

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy ($31 Million)

A venue decked out in roses, a 10-foot tall wedding cake and an expensive wedding gown along with a ceremony, amounted to around $31 Million. This couple made quite the headlines after news about their wedding went viral. People from all around the world began calling Angelababy the “Kim Kardashian of China”.

5. Gaspar Avdolyan and Lolita Osmanova ($10 Million)

A $10 million wedding may sound like a big deal, but that does not look the same for a millionaire and a Russian energy tycoon. The couple, Gaspar Avdolyan and Lolita Osmanova got married at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles in a luxurious ceremony.